Janet Palmer is a mom, wife, daughter, sister, police officer and breast cancer survivor. Fighting cancer was the most difficult time in her life. “I could not have done it without the emotional and financial support of my family, friends, co-workers and community.” Being a police officer she had a huge support system. She realized during treatments others were not as fortunate to have that kind of support system. After nine months of physically fighting cancer she was released back to life as it was before, with no restrictions. But Janet felt confused...because life was not the same as before and it never would be. The experience had changed her forever. She left fully able to physically return to life, but emotionally she was struggling for what her new life would be. It took two years to physically recoup from all the surgeries, chemo and radiation. It also took a huge toll on her mental health, which she honestly admits continues to be a struggle. Janet realized she did not survive the horrible disease for herself to just go back to her previous life. Janet survived because she knows there is a bigger plan. She truly realized that bigger plan after participating in Avon 39 NYC The Walk to End Breast Cancer. Janet completed a grueling 39 mile walk through NYC, to celebrate her two year anniversary of surviving breast cancer. While it was an amazing accomplishment, she was expecting there to be an overwhelming feeling of joy and purpose at the finish line, but instead she felt like something was missing. To participate in the AVON 39, you agree to raise $1800. Janet raised well over $1800 and donated the additional monies to a local breast cancer organization. When she made the donation to the local organization, she felt full...”It was an amazing feeling to know that local breast cancer fighters that I witnessed, who had little to no support, would be personally impacted. That day...I knew...where I belonged in the fight against cancer.” Janet continued organizing and participating in events for local charities and ultimately co-founded Random Acts of Pink to take her role to another level.  It doesn’t stop there...Every day she strives to not only give back and help in the fight against cancer, but to live a healthy and active life. Checking off those bucket list items one by one with her husband Michael and son Gavin by her side. Because you only have one shot at this amazing life.