2018 Taxes

One of our biggest guiding principals when we started Random Acts of Pink was and still is Financial Transparency. We were tired of seeing the hard earned money of our supporters go to things like salaries and expenses. While we are not naive to think there will never be any expenses our goal for RAOP is 85% of money raised goes directly to helping people fighting cancer in our community. But don't take our word for it. Check out https://csapp.800helpfla.com/cspublicapp/CheckACharity/CheckACharity.aspx, to view us and any other charity you may donate to! 

In our first year we donated 78% of all money raised back to the community. While this is still more than most charities we are striving for at least 85% in 2019.

-Total Revenue: $12,238.83

-Total Expenses: $8,488.93

Break down of Total Expenses:

Program Service Expenses: $6,562.20 = 78%

Administrative Expenses: $577.54 = 6%

Fundraising Expenses: $1,349.19 = 16%

-Surplus: $3,749.90

Total Revenue is all the funds raised in 2018. Total Expenses is all the funds used in 2018 and is broken down into three categories: Program Services Expenses, Administrative Expenses and Fundraising Expenses. Program Serives Expenses are any payments made to pay medical expenses for recipients. Administrative Expenses is any money utilized to run the organization, for example, the mailbox and website. Fundraising Expenses is any money spent on fundraising. We are very cautious to only put money out on fundraising if there will be a return on the money spent. The Surplus is any money not spent in the 2018 calendar year and carried over into 2019, which allows us the ability to continue helping cancer patients.

As you can see with money still left over in our account we are already helping many people and fully expect our 78% to grow this year. Be sure to follow us on Facebook so you can see where we will be fundraising next! 

2019 Taxes

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