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Kayla Walsh comes to Random Acts of Pink with 5+ years of non-profit experience and a huge heart for helping people. “I’ve always known that my heart lies with making people feel better. Since my stomach can’t take the sight of blood, non-profit work helps fill that spot!” When Kayla and Janet began talking about what they wanted from a non-profit they both agreed, low operating costs was number one. But the “feel good” factor for the people they were going to help was big as well. That is why they focused on random acts of kindness. “There is something so special about a person receiving a surprise gift, it changes their whole attitude.” As Random Acts of Pink grows so will the opportunity to take applications and screen people for larger donations but for now randomly fighting back against cancer is working to brighten spirits. With a background in PR Kayla also oversees the majority of the marketing for Random Acts of Pink.  She enjoys spending time with her Husband Kenny and their two children Kenneth and Hannah.